The basic job of a car’s exhaust system is to route potentially dangerous gases and chemicals away from cabin of the vehicle. The explosions happening inside the engine produce leftover gases. These gases are made up of potentially dangerous chemicals such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Another job of a car’s exhaust system is to reduce noise pollution.

Exhaust system is made up of many parts. These parts can include:

1) Exhaust Manifold –  this connects the engine to the rest of the exhaust system. On one side of the manifold is individual tubes that connect to each of the engine cylinders. They merge together in the manifold and come out of the other side in a single tube.

2) Y-Pipe – connects to the exhaust manifold and is just as it sounds, a pipe that his shaped like a Y. Most vehicles with a V6 or V8 engine (or any V-series configuration) use this pipe to combine the exhaust gasses from the left bank and right bank of the engine into one singe exhaust pipe.

3) Catalytic Converter – connects to the single pipe of exhaust gases collected from the separate cylinders. The catalytic converter “cleans up” the exhaust waste products. Without getting to deep into the specifics of how this works, the bottom line is that it reduces emissions.

4) Resonator & Pipe – this connects between the converter and the muffler. It is sort of an echo chamber, preparing all of the loud noise coming from the engine for the muffler to silence it. The resonator does not just remove sound, it changes it.

5) Muffler – this is the last part of a vehicle’s exhaust. The muffler relies on a few strategies for reducing this noise pollution. One is to route the sound waves through tubes or chambers inside the muffler. The idea is to direct the sound waves so most end up canceling each other out. Second is sound-absorbing materials that can be packed inside the muffler.

All of these pipes are held together with gaskets and flanges. The entire exhaust is made out of different types of metals. Over time these parts can rust and break down. The result is the vehicle’s exhaust sounding louder or exhaust not being released out of the back of the vehicle.

Does your exhaust sound louder?

Is your vehicle sounding more like a race car?

Are you smelling exhaust inside the vehicle?

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