Brake Inspection, Replace & Service

Brake Inspection

The brake system is the most important safety feature on your vehicle. To insure that it is working properly the brakes need to be inspected regularly, at least once per year. A brake inspection includes performing a visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, check rotors and drums, inspect for rust and corrosion, check hardware to make sure it is working properly and that it is adjusted properly, inspect calipers for wear, free movement and fluid leaks, and check the level and condition of the brake fluid.

Brake Service

Brake service is a cleaning of the brake system on your vehicle. Sand rotors rust ridges and pads, clean and lubricate caliper sliders, check that pistons are free, clean debris and corrosion, remove rust ridges from drums, clean and lubricate all contact points, adjust if necessary and inspect brakes.

Disc brake system service takes about 1 hour per axle. Drum brake system service take about half an hour.

Brake Replacement

After some time your brakes will wear out and require replacement. Pads and rotors or shoes and drums should be replaced at the same time to promote even wear.

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