Starters & Alternators

The starter (starter motor) allows the engine to turn so it can suck fuel and air in and start running under its own power. The starter is initiated by turning the key beyond the ‘ignition on’ position and draws power from the battery. This draws a lot of electricity from the battery and can run it down quickly. When a vehicle is trying to start that is usually referred to as rolling over. As soon as the vehicle is started and you let go of the key it springs back which disengages the starter. When a vehicle starts running under its own power that is usually referred to as catching.

The alternator generates power to charge the battery and feed the electrical system once the vehicle is running.

Intermittent trouble starting vehicle?

Headlights or dashboard lights seem dim?

Grinding or whining noises under the hood?

Belt squealing?

Whining noise when starting vehicle?

If you said yes to any of the above questions or think you may have any other problems with your starting or electrical system call us to book an appointment. We will diagnose your issue, tell you what is wrong and advise you to the best repair for your vehicle.